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We want to create an evolution of the Beauty Industry, we want to see broader casting, greater artistic influence, less retouching, and a deeper connection between the brand and the customer.



We put casting at the forefront of our Creative, as we believe representing the customer is so integral to the identity of the brands we work alongside. Our founder, Hanna, has spent her career pushing for more inclusive & diverse casting in every Creative she has been involved in. The Industry has come a long way, but is still falling short. We want to create a new, more diverse standard for the Beauty Industry.


Over-retouching has had a devastating effect on people's mental health, particularly our youth. We do not support this. Therefore we have created our No Skin-Retouch Policy. We are not removing pores, nor body hair, nor changing the shape of a models body. We see this as an essential part of the change we need to be making as an industry. We still work with retouchers to clean up scuff marks on a cove, creases in a shirt and so forth. But we are only retouching the things that won't have a negative mental health impact. Our no-skin-retouch policy applies only to the jobs where we are fully in control of the Creative Direction.


We only take on projects that we feel aligned with creatively, ethically and where we have sufficient time to bring a job together to the highest level. We do not work with MLMs or brands using forced labour. Every job we take on is considered carefully and will have the time, care and attention it needs to be brought to life.


Seven Percent of Net Profits made from this Agency will go towards charities and organizations supporting Aid for Survivors of Domestic Violence, Eating Disorder Recovery, supporting LGBTQ+ Communities, International Aid, Mental Health Organisations & Climate Change. We support a different Charity every Year.

7% of 2021-2022's Net Profits have been paid to Refuge

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''I am passionate about how we move forward as an industry, in a sustainable way, driven by clean beauty. It excites me that more and more brands are seeking social justice and becoming climate aware. As a consumer you can vote with your dollar. We all have a voice in changing the future, which is so powerful'' HH

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