We strive to create campaigns that will make a huge impact within the Beauty community, and to shape the way the industry is growing. We work with top Creative Directors across NYC, LA, Chicago, Paris, NZ & London who are incredible innovators and game changers in their field. 


We assess the project at hand and recommend you  the Creative Directors who are most in-line with with your requirements.


If you would like our founder, Hanna, to be involved with Creative, she can either take on the sole role as Creative Director or work on a collaborative basis with the lead CD or your existing in-house team.    


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We have an incredible mix of in-house & freelance producers at HHCA, all have a background in beauty & fashion, most with a huge passion for make-up & skincare.


We can scale the production up or down, dependent on the requirements for the shoot. We can take care of the whole production, or we can assist you and complement the infrastructure that you already have within your brand.

Over the last 12 years working in London & the USA our founder has built strong connections with makeup artists, hair stylists, props & texture stylists, studios, lighting rentals, locations, model agencies & has a huge personal roster of street-cast & IG cast models.

We are specialists in raw, fresh & cool beauty with a lot of experience across Sephora Brands & both EU & US requirements. We make your shoot happen smoothly, efficiently & on schedule.

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Instagram + online media are here to stay. Brands need content solutions that are engaging, contain movement and that can transport your mind to another dimension. 3D Animation is an incredible tool that is not utilized enough, as it is still relatively new in advertising, compared with Photography & Video.

At HHCA we are pushing our 3D Department full force into the beauty industry, and it is growing, fast. 



Colour Grading is something that is incredibly important to us. Colour tells a story, creates an atmosphere, draws attention, highlights your Products & brings people joy.


Stills: In the past, our founder has had many shoots retouched via other production companies, for the images to come back over-retouched, over-exposed and with a flat, un-inspiring colour grade. At HHCA, post-production and colour grading are incredibly important to us. We have amazing retouchers whom we trust. We don't over-retouch, we don't remove pores, and we make sure the images are rich, beautiful and as you have envisioned within the Creative Treatment.

Video: We work with some of the top colour graders & editors in the industry, across a range of client budgets. We keep the grading  at the forefront of our minds throughout both the shoot itself & the post production process.

Makeup by Sogol Razi www.sogolmakeup.com

Makeup by Levi Taylor www.levijadetaylor.com